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Premium Beautiful

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

memang malas

I've been so lazy to update this blog lately..
One of the reason why is i just so wrapped up with my excitement to hold my own lil one in my arms..
I really have zero patience at this moment..
Everyday i talked to him and asked, "when are you going to come out sayang.." The only answer i've got is a nudge which i can't interpret..

Last weekend,my beloved hubby came down from Penang..
Thats the only time i feels like home again..
I loved when i sleep he is there by my side and when i woke up he is still there..hehe..
I also loved i got kissed on my forehead when he's here..
Gosh.. i love being married..! I feel so loved..
When his gone, i felt half empty..coz another half is fill with lil one of coz..
I dont know why i feel so rindu and love this lil person inside me eventho i never met him..
Thats why i cant wait to met him..
Maybe he want to celebrate his bday with his momma ha?huhu

Till then..
Hopefully the next entry will be good news ha?


Puan nadxoxo said...

Tak lama lagi, insyaAllah..sabar k! Semoga semuanya selamat :)

lyana said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kawin! tapi xde org nk yana..huarghhhhhhhhh.sedih. eh..dh prepare nama ke?



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