Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Monday, October 11, 2010


i'll be away till full recovery..
all i can say is..
toothache during pregnancy is unbearable..
it took your sleep away..
i got a lot to say..
maybe later..
nk cube tido..
i only sleep for 2 hrs last nite :(

p/s: yes..i have to use kiddie tooth brush..
p/s 2: thumbs up to gov dental clinic!!!

till then..
pray for my speedy recovery ya~


Mrs.aisheiteru said...

take care nisa

rizaros said...

sabar ye kak... :)
nnt jd follower kat blog sy yer at maceh :)

lyana said...

ingtkan gigi bongsu tu masa kecik2 je dulu. hahahaha. tkpelah sis but late than never aite? please taking care urself ..wish everything gonna be okay sis!! love u.



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