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Premium Beautiful

Monday, June 28, 2010


To my dearest lil one...

mommy soOOOo sorry if sometimes mommy got so angry to someone and some unintended words comes out from mommy mouth..If you heard it,PLEASE ignore it!.. :|
Sometimes mommy got so pressure from work,people around me and even daddy..
I'm scared if the pressure will effect you..
So..mommy apologize again..even though my apologize means nothing to someone
Mommy been trying to eat healthy food like mommy used to eat like carrots,HL milk,fish..
but mommy's throat can't seem to allow those food for me to consume..
So bear with me a lil while k..
When this 1st trimester past by,i promise i cook my food myself and eat alllllll those healthy food for you to grow stronger and healthier.. inshaAllah..
This first trimester are such a roller coaster ride for mommy..(dah mcm mommy monster dah bunyi..hahahha)
My emotional easily hurt especially when people raise their voice to me..
I try to do whatever that they want but still seem not good enough for them..
I hope when I resting at home after this,I'll be more calm and stable..
Patience ya my lil one..
mommy can't wait to see you in 3 weeks time during my 3rd check up..Hopefully,mommy can see you active inside there..

Mommy love u my lil one~Muahxxxxxxxx

Lots of love,

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Fieya said...

so sweet.... tggu lagi 4 tahun nnt kasi lil one baca ye... im sure by then lil one paham... cheer up... jgn tensen2 ye mommy to-be... ( bkn mommy monster ye.. not healthy.. hehehe) senyum sokmo ( nasihat to myself gak) .... (^_^)



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