Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Syukur Alhamdulillah~
Walaupun tak bekerja..
saya masih mendapat bonus dari my biz ~ xperlu la cakap berapa kan,nnt org ckp riak.. :p
to be honest..the is the easiest business i ever join so far~

As a health conscious, sy memang tak kedekut utk mengeluarkan duit utk sihat..
previously,i've join this well known health business, H*life..
I've lost 5kg just the first month consume it..
but for my opinion,this things only works for people that are really discipline following its routine..kalo skip2,mmg tak dapat result yang sama..
plus,its quite costly as you need to buy the shakes every month..

Dengan PB,i also got the same result but with firmer body shapes~
Perut tak usah ckp la..
no more flabby tummy! instant mummy tuck!

For mommies or mommies to be out there..
I know the PB corset is quite costly,
but the result is undeniably effective! Lagi2 if you are breastfeeding..Memang sangat mudah turun berat n get that firmer and slimmer body..
Plus,LIFETIME WARRANTY..takde corset kat luar sana yg bagi warranty macam ni..
There's nothing wrong for you,wanting to have a healthier and slimmer body for you hubby kan.. :) Happy hubby = happy marriage :p

Jangan fikir panjang..! Ramadhan tinggal 19 hari sahaja~

RM2000 for small, and RM2200 for large!
we accept cash and credit cards only. No installment

But for those that interested to join us this month,bonus rm4500 awaits!

Interested? Call me Nisa - 0193826233

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