Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


sorry for being all mushy-mushy lately..
Pregnancy has not been so kind to me as y'all know..
Every time I pray,i 'Doa' Allah gave me all the courage so that my lil one will be strong,courageous like his father ..
Some says if your pregnancy wasn't easy to you,the labor period will be easier..
But i took it as experiences that teaches you..

Through out my 30th weeks of pregnancy,I've been experience all the pregnancy symptom..nausea, vomited, back pain, my running nose in the morning worsen, and the list goes on..Not forgetting my asthma attack where i can't sleep at night,feelin' so breathless and thinkin' "am i gonna die" and worried sick will it affect my lil one.. Sometimes I feel like a control freak! Why?Coz everything i do i have to think that "will it hurt my baby?","will he feel my pain?" and so on..My family and friends keep advising me to think positive...But sometimes I can't help to think that way ..

Since I quit my job, I've been reading a lot..
But I know,all the stuff that read is different from what I may experience..labor pain,mommyhood,breastfeeding ...
Gosh..Our mother is soooo super woman right?
So, I have to be strong.. For the sake of my baby,my other half and my family..

We already decided where to give birth..
Later on I'll tell you where..
Nak makan..Lil one already start playing soccer in his mommy tummy..

P/s: Hubby's shirt works wonder..I got 7 hrs of uninterrupted sleep last nite~hihi


lyana said...

alamak..ciannya...just for a little while je kan strong k. i`m sure u can handle this, cause we are superwoman rite?

let me knw any updates k..cute ah pic baju baby yg sudah sidai di basuh tu..hehehe

harzharun said...

alahai...peluk baju hubby ke....comel je...yg dah basuh ke belum tu??hehe



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