Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Dear Warehouse sale

Supposedly, today is my antenatal class..
But Hospital Serdang cancel it at last minute..whyyyyyyyy
So, my sista decided to go check her allergy at Az - Zaharah..
While waiting, i was reading this newspaper and saw the My Dear ad..

Me: Jom g sini?
Alya(mid sis): Sale?jommm..
Kila(youngest sis): leh je..

My sista,especially Alya is the type of person that can't help hearing any 'Sale' ok..hahaha
So, we when there smoothly..Thanks to her BBM map.. :p
Because it was weekdays,not much people there..
And yes..we when crazy after we saw the price tag for the stuff...

We end up buying:

baby comforter : rm39
Pillow and bolster :rm8!

Stroller: Original price RM199.90.
After less: rm149!
Tak caya g tgk pricelist sini

Bath tub and supporter :rm45

Banyak reason ambik stroller tu..
1. Tukang bayo dah suke..which is lil one's aunt..huhu
2.Ringan..Sweet cherry stroller semue berat2...
3.Easy to fold..

So,tunggu pe lagi Mommies to be! Serbu cepat2..sampai 7 nov je beb!

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