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Friday, November 12, 2010

Counting days

Only couple of week left and i will officially gone from Penang..
So many memories here..
I 'renew' my life here at Penang and I met my wonderful husband..
Who would thought that rite.. :)
After married, we start our newlywed life here~..
Even though our house is small but for me, i'm happy with it..
Home for me is where my husband is~..Tapi the whole DEC i'll be in KL and he'll be Penang...wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
I really hope luck is on our side and hubby will get a job in Malacca,Selangor or KL area ASAP!..
Barang2 semue dah ade yg dipack ade yang masih dipakai..
Sedih lak rasa.. :(
even though you will be born in W.P but you are definately made in Penang..hohoho..

At 32 weeks..
I'm gaining weight like a champ..
I weight more than my hubby..ughhhh..
No more foot cramps..
But the baby is definitely feels heavier now as its hard to walk around(mcm penguin je jalan..)
He is definitely more hyper..
I dont know when is he sleeping..
Lately,i've been getting heartburn that keeps me awake at night..
Heartburn = not cool..
Last night, it was hubby first time witness how hyper her son is..huhu
I already try natural remedies to keep the heartburn away like yogurt,milk,apple..but it still doesnt go away..
Heartburn tu pedih ulu hati ye..
Anyone have any idea how to make this heartburn goes away,do leave a comment ya!..tq~

As for my MGTT test yesterday,
the glucose taste like they put 1 whole packet of sugar and diluted with water in 1 small cup..
Manis nak mampos!
Seriously poning/nk pitam/nak muntah den after i drank it..
Since i have to wait for another 1 and half hour at the clinic,one of the super nice nurse let me rest at a sofa ..i thanksful for that..Tak tau la nurse kt KK near my house is this nice or not.. :(
The test result will be next week checkup..
Skrg dah start start checkup twice a month~hihi..
Really hope lil dude is healthy living inside me..
Can't wait to met him!

Till then~


✿ EyZa ✿ said...

Nisa ~ try amek Gaviscon.. Eyza baca kat sini :)

Fieya said...

nnt leh mai tgk baby boy... hehehe...

✿ n.i.e.y.x.z.h.a ✿ said...

try minum air zam-zam.. air zam-zam kan penawar segala penyakit.. bagus kalau amalkan minum mase pregnent ni & after bersalin... :)



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