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Premium Beautiful

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 weeks to go~!

Di ambil dari :

Dear Mom-To-Be,

Your mini-gymnast weighs approximately seven ounces and measures approximately nine inches long. His arms and legs are now properly proportioned. The motor neurons between the muscles and the brain are connecting, giving him control over his movements, so he kicks, rolls, and stretches whenever he feels like it. His gums have tooth buds, and throughout his body, rubbery cartilage is turning into bone. Myelin, a protective substance, envelops the spinal cord.

By week nineteen, the genitals are distinctive (if the baby is in the right position to show them). If it's a girl, your potential grandkids (in the form of eggs) are present, as well!

hamik..Mmg betul pon..Semalam lepas makan choc chip cookies active semacam je..terkejut daku..Tergelak2 sy dibuatnya..InshaAllah,khamis ni nak g scan~harap dapat tgk la jantina ape anak mama yg active ni..Lagi pon nak tanye doc pasal fish oil vitamin leh tak di ambil..

Sebelum preggy mmg makan fish oil dr Elken ni since sy ni asthma..Tp bile dah start preggy takleh bau vit tu sbb di ade rasa hanyir skit..
So lately ni my asthma is getting worse skit la..setiap mlm or morning time sahur kene nye..So fish oil vit ni actually to kuatkan paru2 sy la..So takde la kene asthma kalo mkn tp takut fish oil ni leh effect baby brain development jadik takut lak nk mkn..

Hopefully doc can suggest another supplement for my asthma..tak nak la baby terasa jugak bile sy ambik inhaler time kene asthma tu..sian baby.. :( Semalam bile sakit sakit tu,sopan je die paham2 je..Sedih sy time tu..Tp alhamdulillah pg td time sahur die active balik sbb dapat mkn..huhu..

Sabar skit ek anak mama..


Puan nadxoxo said...

Yeay 20th week memang dah leh tgk jantina. Nanti pesan awal2 kat baby b4 pegi scan tu ckp suruh tunjuk gender dia ek. Hehe

Miss N said...

harap leh tgk la~



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