Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

site that i love to start with everyday..

Click here

i love to start my day by going to this site every morning to keep my spirit up..
thanks to the when-it-gonna-stop morning sickness that makes my energy gone everytime my day is kickstart with vomitting and crying in the morning..
Its a virtual baby development that we can see our lil one developing everyday..
Its kinda cool..
It also explain the changes of ur baby and yourself will have on that week..
Very informative..
So,check it out mommy!


✿ EyZa ✿ said...

Nisa. pon best gak.. Bnyk info..

Btw, thanks for sharing.. before ni eyza tgk info kat babycentre tu je.. :)

Miss N said...

kalo info tgk kt baby center la..
site ni leh tgk besar baby kite hr2..hihi

AmyMizzunderstood said... fav website sekarang adalah babycenter...almost everyday mesti nk bukak..even dah baca puluh2 kali..hahaa



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