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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

warkah untuk suami

read at your own risk

Assalammualaikum en suami..

this past few weeks has been a roller coaster for both of us..
knowing that we will become a future mom and dad to be can be quite scary for us..
When people ask me,am i excited?the worse thing is that i can't show my excitement, thanks to my wisdom tooth...Soooooooo painful..
but little we know, the news has become a joy to our family and friends as they are soooo excited for us..
but are you excited dear?

the reason i'm writing this, for you to understand what i'm going through..

- i'll go to work, unwillingly.. doing the job that give me no satisfaction..But still..When i think about the keeps me when i wanna 'mengadu' to you bout my work, bare with it..
-normally, i didn't took breakfast at the office..just cracker and bun is fine with me..But now, if i don't take my breakfast, i feel nausea..Sebab angin kt pewott.. Pening nnt..So i MUST take my breakfast..
-every time after i ate, my stomach will easily bloated...I'm not even drink water yet!..
- previously, with my normal water urine never look that yellow..Now, even i drink 1 litre of plain water,my urine still not clear color.. which mean my water consumption is not enough.. you know how much it made me sad? :(
-i have to go to the toilet every half an hour..and it makes me worried sick whether my kidney still functioning or not?..
-craving..i'll pity you if i ask for something that impossible..but it makes my mouth watery if i didnt get it.. And i even dream eating it in my sleeep!!!u know how desperate it sound like?
-its kinda tiring when i have to go to the bathroom at night soooo frequently..and still in the morning we woke up at the same time.. It makes me soooo tired to go to work and face it all over again..
-the most things that makes me sad is when my tummy is bloated that i can't fit my own panty...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
-i am easily sad even when i watched CSI..watefish is that.?!!so please be more considerate..i know you are not the one that shows any emotion kinda type but pleaseeeee be more caring watsoever during this time..
- right now, i am in stage of soooooooooo tired like all the time.. at the office, they dont really care about it.. but i hope at home u'll understand more..which means when i too lazy to cook please understand :p

Actually, i dont really wanna told people that I'm pregnant because it is still early..
this thursday will be 6 week..
Still early right..
and we still havent met our baby yet..
which i'm dyinggggg to see that lil one..

since i know that i'm pregnant..
i'm a lil bit paranoid over small things ..
am i eating right?
can i eat this?
is it normal that my breast feels so 'swollen' all the time and it hurts?
all those question is killing me!!!!

and the workload at the office too been bothering me..
i can't stand it sometimes..


i rambling enough..please be it will be many more to come..

i love you..
-your wife-


cik ieza said...

nishaaaaaa congrates!!! xlame lg kitorg jadik auntie plak =)

Miss N said...

huhu..thanks zah..preparation camne?huhu

p/s:doakan me and lil one sihat ye

Cik Belle said...

tahniah nishaaa!! im happy for u! =)

cik ieza said...

preparation sume ok dah skg nih...tinggal borg nikah jek pastu kawen yeayyyy hahahaha =P

dun worries kitorg doakan nisha jr nnt! p/s ko la yg plg awal skalik jd omak! hihi

✿ EyZa ✿ said...

Nisa ~

kalau penat sgt blk keje jgn masak.. becoz this is ur first time.. tatawu lagi jage baik2.. restttt je selagi bole..

Breast eyza pon bengkak & sakit x bole sentuh lgsg.. its normal.. :) Yg 1st pregnancy ari tu eyza x rase camtu..

And now, dah start morning sickness~ perot tabole kosong, dan yg paling x best eyza tak bole tengok dapur (which means nak ke dapur baso tangan pon tabole) =(

Pity me kan.. dan sume keje rumah encik suami yg buat buat sementara waktu.. nasib baiklah dia jenis penyabar,sian jugak tgk balik keje penat2 terus wat keje umah.. :(

1st trimester ni kene jage makan betul2 taw.. teringin nk mkn yg masam2 tu tahan dulu..

Hope, our pregnancy will going fine.. due date kite sure jarak seminggu je kan.. ;) Hahaha..panjang gile comment~ =p

cik senah said...

Salam..tahniah dan semoga bersabar dengan dugaan mengandung ini.. ingatlah.. apa yg dialami skrg mendatangkan pahala yg besar di kemudian hari..


p/s : maaf la na.. nak komen cikit jer.. warna blog awak terang sgt arr.. kalau lembutkan cikit scheme colour tuee..rasanya lebih tenang dan selesa utk dibaca... (sekadar komen ikhlas.. harap puan empunya blog tak kecik ati arr.. )

not-so-anonymous said...
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intonne said...

salam nisa...wat ur facing exactly the same ngn intan kene ritu...nisa pon tau kan how i look like last time? first few months ni kene byk sabar la ek...jaga elok2 kesihatan diri...kalo panty ketat jgn pki dah, bli trus yg saiz L atau XL, bleh pki smpi ujung pregnancy =P....takut tekan baby dlm tu ke....swollen tu pon kene tahan la skit, intan pon sakit gak dlu masa awal2, lama2 okla, esok ni bengkak susu lg sakit...

intan paham sgt, tp hopefully nisa xteruk cm intan la...ok, tk cr dear...

Miss N said...

intannn~dah beli panty br..stretchable lg..hihihi..sgt puas ati~huhu..
thanks for the tips



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