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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To whom it may concern

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Kepada yang Mrs Anonymous,

Its funny because you are claiming 'knowing me during my uniten days' but still i couldn't recall who the hell are you..
If i'm not mistaken, the only uniten friends that i have that already been married is Ha ( but she's too noble to do this kinda of things,and she still in a very early pregnancy) and also Mekna ( but she's not yet pregnant)

So, let me get this clear..

If i recall, there's no post that i compare my Ex-BF with my husband...
If you are soooo 'nice',please pointed out to me..I'll be glad and honored to explain it what it means to you..

Yes,my husband and i met when we are both broken hearted and you say that we deserve it?
let me say it again.. HELL NO!
Do even know the real story that you just justify us like that? I know i didn't tell the real story here in my blog..
The only person that know the story is my best friends and wait..they are both NOT MARRIED WITH 20 week pregnant!!

The recent post is nothing to do with my husband not loving me as much as i do..
the recent post IS because hormonal imbalance thing!! In fact, i already been saying about all this to my husband almost everyday.. and yesterday,due to frustration at work..i just wrote in my blog..
Are you a doctor claiming it is not hormonal thing? Seriously...

I am not defending my husband or what..
i dont need to defend him..
Allah show me him..
You are certainly dont know anything and you have NO F'ing right to say about him like that..
yes..i delete your post.. But i'm print screen it to let everyone know what kinda 'busuk ati' person that cannot seeing other people happiness..

If you are truly my friend like you claiming to be,..
State your name when you post..
Dont be a coward by using Anonymous..

p/s:this is much hormonal action than yesterday..


Fieya said...

nisha... i think myb this person ada harmonal imbalance more critical than u... she do not have the right to comment such thing about whatever u wrote in ur blog... its ur blog and u have the right to say things as long as tak melanggar hukum agama... its the way u xpress u feeling... lgpun nape dia sibuk2 nak baca blog nisha if bt dia sakit hati... ish3...

not-so-anonymous said...

to the China/uniten so-called observant nonsense:

Normally, i dont really pay much attention to those whose not really have an affect to this world, much less to d world surrounding mine,
However, let me make u as an exemption,

Referring to your comment on dis post, about how we both deserved what we got:
there's a slight mybe we deserved it, breakup happens all d time, we sure as hell dont want it to go that way, when other people cheated with smbody else, and (this one im freakin sure) noone ever deserve to be treated that way, if u like someone else, juz grow a ball n tell ur partner that u found someone else.
Although, im sure u deserved what u got since mybe u were a cheater or bitch urself.

About how comparing make her ex so small:
it comes with d territory, comparison is unavoidable, without it, we all are stuck with average qualities,
n let me tell u something, he was a loser, pathetic, and still owes her money. wanna know how i come to dis conclusion? becoz he cheated when he swore to b loyal, he betrayed one's trust, and still tried to defend himself, at least give ppl a little credit, ppl r not stupid.

Then there's one thing about being hormono and her husband not loving her as much:
How stupid are u to believe that crap about somebody's love is more than his/her partners?
come one, how do u measure love? by ur standard? by womens standard? or by survey's standard? even ur love to GOD is not accountable by ur act n ibadah. n u pretending u can measure his love towards his wife.
if i were u, juz stay out of it, u cant win, not by million shot, becoz u're not in it, and im pretty sure neither she or her husband wanna hear it, moreover from somebody like u(and yes, i intended to belittle u)

and "worship her husband" her husband is such a strong word dont u think? every wife needs to listen to their husband. every words is command and wife's words are request. u can take it up to GOD if u dont believe me.
and husband must show compassion and be fair in everything pertaining to their marriage.
and she's right to stick with her husband and defended him. becoz dat will make her husband happy and with HIS permission, the marriage will be blessed. i'm not sure how look to ur husband with other view that u might have, but pls dont tell dis person how she shud perceive her view on marriage.
"she deserve better" - really? r u kidding me? u know dis how, owh i forgot, u KNEW her in UNITEN, dat makes it so much sense giving that she was pregnant n married then. wat load of crap.

She has a right to be hormono and b angry to her husband a little bit, and how do i know dis? becoz she's pregnant, and indeed, I'M HER HUSBAND. i know i havent been there as much as she needed me at times, as often i shud have and wanted to.
and guess what happened when some hormono prick (that being u) told my wife that i dun love her as much according to your standard? hahaha, funny really.

i'm sorry if i've taken couples of cheap shot at you. you see, ppl get abit defensive when an anonymous dumdass or bitch starting to preach his loved ones about how they shud live their life. and i have to defend my lovely wife as well as myself. even from ur nonsense.
im sure u'll understand when somebody try to say something bad about ur child later on.
and i normally wont retaliate back, i like to sit back n relax, but here ive been wasting my time on a little prick such as urself.
n hear this, nor my wife or myself want to listen anything from u ever again. even something nice. becoz u juz scared some small character who thought her world revolves around other ppl. and becoz, u r like "moo" point. means "doesnt matter". u're juz "moo"= nobody

owh, and also, u wont win against me. tough break.
p/s: Pls excuse my hormon. it's like flying all over d place.

Anonymous said...

I like not-so-anonymous :) I knew who you were right from the start!
isnt that a little sad? :)

Anyway, i havent had a chance to say congratulations to the both of you. So congratulations! I call godfather!


p/s: u gotta name the baby after me! hahahaha.

not-so-anonymous said...

dude, hahah
what're u still doing up early morning?
24 reruns?

godfather? get in line dude, or put ur name in waiting list?


- Gie - said...

gila ape minah tu. nk kene lempang kot.
asal dengki n busuk ati sgt. jom pakat carik minah tu smpai lubang cacing!



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