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Premium Beautiful

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

its been awhile

Its been awhile this blog have words in it..

it seem i'm only put Aqeef's face on it..huhu

Reason i didn't blog like I used to be its because that I didn't feel happy..

Yes.I'm not happy..

This blog should be bout me feeling happy having a new baby,moving into our new house.. Having a baby tooks almost 90% of my time..

he needs me more than anything.. he depends on me more than anything..

but suddenly i feel so depressed that i couldnt do anything else..

especially when he cried and i dont know why..

i'm tired,confused and exhausted..

sometimes,i thought, is this post natal depression? takut lak..

But after awhile, i'm used to it.. the routine..

Everyone keep asking me, do i plan to work?

If only being a housewife can get money every month ..heaven!

But its not.. i'm officially broke.. no money in bank account..

thats one of the reason why i'm not happy too..

i used to have money in my bank and when that happened.. it drives me crazyyyyyyyy!

but it also drives me nut just to think that i'm going to leave my angelic Aqeef to someone else..

waaaaaaaaaaa.. even when we seperated for half n hour when i job hunt the other day, i just cant wait to running back and see his face..

But living here in KL/Shah Alam..consume a lot of money.. seriously..

It broke my heart seeing hubby have to pays for everything..

Sometime when i want to ask him for a new face cream pon xsampai ati..

Everyone i know also semue dah berharta a.k.a bought a property already.. Us? still renting..

the only harta we have is Aqeef..huhu..our adorable, poopie machine son!huhu

Alhamdulillah.. I'm ok now..

Thanks to hubby.. I know his trying to help and makes me happy..

InshaAllah. I will update this blog at least once a week..huhu

there's a lot to tell.! bout my job interview..

master application..


I really hope that everything will goes well~ Amin


♥EyZa QHaiRy♥ said...

Eyza doakan yg terbaik buat Nisa n family.. :)

harzharun said...

hi dear...sabar ek..setiap anak dtg dgn rezeki..setiap yg blaku ada hikmahnya! strong!

intonne said...

sabar nisa...insyaallah rezeki anak tu ada..mayb lambat sket..kitorg yg keje pon pokai jugak, duit gaji bulan2 habis mcm tu jekk...

ada baby mmg consume all ur time..xpa, lg setaun dah bleh adapt, aqeef pon dah besar nnt bleh tlg mama die lak...=D

Miss N said...

thanks everyone!



we're in ♥♥