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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aqeef's arrival journey part 3

As i was push into the labor room, the real pain start to kickin' in.. I really need hubby to hold my hand right now..
They asked me to change into this back tied dress and lay down..
CTG monitor strapped to my belly..
The ctg shows that baby heartbeat is really fast.. It makes me really worried..hubby still not allowed to enter the room..
They asked if i have fever because of his fast heartbeat..of coz no..
kene la masuk air..very coolin je bile air tu masuk..huhu..
Tp the pain is getting stronger..
The nurse teached how to used the tah name die..
"kalo contraction nak start, cepat2 tarik nafas dgn gas ni.."kate nurse tu..
Aku benci natang makes me super haus and its not working at all.. Finally hubby dpt masuk.. At that time, my contraction 5 to 10 min..sgt sakit.. Fren of ours yg kebetulan doc kt situ dtg to check on me.. All i heard she said sedut gas tu.. Huhu..
Hubby try to massage my back but the pain is ver unbearable.. They injected pain killer tp xlut..i asked for epi..i dont care.. Hubby keep calling the nurse..drg kate sabar la..hello!!dah sakit sgt je kene tu org bius dtg..they check my openin..dh 5 cm at 6ish..bygkan last they check kol 4 lebih br 2 cm.. I told them i feel like nk yakk.. Die kate mmg camtu..jgn teran lg..
Tp mmg xthn ko..!!! Hubby keep muttering ayat2 quran.. I recite ayat nabi yunus inside my head and breathed cam blaja tu..then satu masa tu mmg nak teran sgt.. Mmg jerit ckp hubby soh panggil nurse..tnye "mana epi!!!cepat!! Mmg nak yak sgt ni.."
this time doc hamidah masuk,check my opening dh 7 cm..mmg pantas.. !!
Pastu die kate bile dh rasa contraction teran..
Ya allah..mmg sakit yg amat..hubby keep cheering me..
7.30pm : my baby boy safely delivered weight 3.08kg,no epi(xsempat)..
Rasa di awangan je time tu..
Hubby keep kissing my forehead(kalo xsilap) n ckp he loves me..
Time tu nothing matter..couldnt stop looking at my son..
Our family is complete...

I love u sayang..
I love u my lil aqeef

cant wait for hubby move back to kl for good..!!

Thanks to my fren eyza yg just delivered gak on 3 all the tips..hihi..

K la..nk natap aqeef ..xpuas..
Cptla rabu..nk jumpe hubby..


Anonymous said...

awesome story. =)
congrats sangat2

✿ EyZa ✿ said...

hubby dah dapat keje kat kL ke..? kalo dah dpt bagus laa..dapat la die same2 tgk perkembangan aqeef.. ;)

bersalin walaupon sakit, tapi tetap jadi kenangan indah kan.. =)



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