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Premium Beautiful

Monday, October 4, 2010

Goodbye Sept.

Eid-ul Fitr is coming to an end..
October is here already..
How time flies soooo fast than i expected..
Being jobless for this 2 month feels like 2 days..huhu..
Stay at home made me feels that the time passes faster than when i'm at the office..
Tau tau...Lg 95 days nk due date..wat?!!
Excited?Yes..sangat2...Can't wait to met my lil dude yg so happily active living in his mummy tummy..
But i also cudn't help feeling scared..Sape tak takut kan nk lahirkan anak..huhu..
And I keep that part away that i'll not freak out and over panic..

So, last weekend..
We when to Ipoh..
Coz hubby got walk in interview for some company from Malacca..
We really hope that the interview is a success but we don't know yet..
I wish for miracle pleaseeeeeeee..!!!!!
After the interview, we went to Majlis cukup jambul for my ex-colleague's son..
Dapat la mkn laksa..hihi..
Pastu g open house kt Kulim lak..Hubby's friend la..
mkn soto~huhu

Then singgah Jusco Perda~
Got Baby's fair at Jusco..
Rembat Baby Swaddle,booties and mitten and also Avent bottles (dpt rm45 for 2..murah ek?)
Nak finalize kan list baby tak buat2 lg..kemalasan sungguh..

Meh layan gambar...
Update gambar perut at 26th weeks..

Hubby tgh isi borang utk interview.. huhu

Sampai di sini saja..
Selamat beramah~


juelee said...

nanti dah dekat hari dah kurang rasa takot rasa tak sabar plak nak kuarkan si kecik dalam perot tu..

Miss N said...

sebenarnye rasa excited nk jumpe die in real life tu lebih..hihi..
Good luck to u jue!!!!



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