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Premium Beautiful

Monday, April 5, 2010

The person sit next to me is my gran.
She's the person that has been babysit me when i was a lil baby while taking turn to take care of me with my other gran(late gran)..
Even tho she is well known with her sarcastic, criticize kinda person..she is still the gran that we love...
When I break up with my ex, she can't really believe it..Because she love my ex as she consider him like her own grandchild..
So when I bring my new BF(now my husband) to see her(konon mcm mintak blessing la)..She kinda criticize him that he look too young and others..
But when his family came to 'merisik', she mellowed and totally agreed coz she can see that he really serious to marry her spoiled grandchild. :p..
On my wedding day,I know that she is the most happiest person (beside me of coz) and I;m glad i can makes her happy by letting her decide anything that she want..
I really hope that she'll be ok..
Please make her better..
I want her to be there when i have my first child..
I want her to bullying me,forcing to eat all the herbal things to make me better during my 'pantang'..
But now,i dont know that will be possible or not..
I'm not pregnant..
She's so ill..
I'm so sad..

Help me pray for my gran's health..


✿ EyZa ✿ said...

InsyaAllah.. dia akan cepat sembuh..

Jgn henti doakan dia k.. =)

Miss N said...

thanks eza..sedih je ni..takde mood..

cik ieza said...

insyaAllah she will be fine

lyana said...

everything gonna be pray always for you sis and ur granny...



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