Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

random pic from the wedding..

From my main photog,en saupix.

Next is the side photgrapher that Saupix bring together on that day..
Credit to En NasirZin

Ni lak dr my ex-housemate's bf, muhammad mujaheed.hihi..

Last but not least,my beloved sister,Kila..

More to come..hihi
to contact all this photographer, just click their names..i have it link to their site straightaway~Dont forget to mention my names ya~hihi..

P/s: Advertiser bergerak bukan aku ni..hahaha


lyana said...

/me shed tears.

omg u are damn awesome pretty >.< tatau nk mcm mana nk describe how pretty u are in photos. T.T sedih tak dapat tgk in real views. i like the photo taken by ur sis.sangat cantik..well done kila!

p/s : more plssssssssss!

Miss N said...

hihi..tq yana..tgk kt fb..banyak sgt nk upload pon..huhu..

- Gie - said...

seriously lawa gler ok!

more pls..

Miss N said...

tq2..asal xmai ari tu..sedih je korg tak dtg..



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