Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


can't believe its 3 days left..
kelaka je rasa..
rasa cam smlm br jumpe en a.n.i....

the song below is en a.n.i's song to me...he is so sweet kan kan..

While lagu ni lak from me to him...

if u ask my feeling right now..
its love..and happiness..
no doubt..I'll always know,he's the one..

to my sayang..
i glad that i text u when my sister say don't..
i glad that i ride in ur car that day..even though i repeatedly say"i never ride in a stranger car before" like 100 times..
i glad that u didn't give up to work this relationship when 'you know who' is messing with us..
i am glad..soooo glad that you found me..
thanks sayang..
can't wait to be ur friend,wife and your soulmate for the rest of our life..


lyana said...

hey awat 3 days left and u still at penang? ayark..tadak cuti meh?

sis, later i call you..still pakai no lama kan? suddenly something come up so i have to see u early before u get married.

Miss N said...

a'aa..yg 017 tu..ambik half day la ~

Fieya said...

this entry i like the most.. correction.. i love the most.. i pray that everyting will go as its plan on ur big day.. wishing u the best of luck in ur future life... =)

Fieya said...

pasni leh tkr the count down to up... hehehe..



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