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Premium Beautiful

Monday, December 14, 2009

the whatever entry

hi y'all..

i have a very very very heavy sigh..
coz t'rrow is monday..!
and i have to do the job i hate the most..
which is some other ppl's job!..
previously.. i had a pep talk with my we shud do a job with 'ikhlas'..
and i did..
but still.. this job that i have..didn't give the all!
and i hate it so much..
I already been looking some other job..
but there's still no news from them..

after my breakdown last friday..
i seriously down..
i have no mood to do the job anymore..
my wedding is like few weeks away..
i'm scared to hell..
yes..i got 'sindrom kaki sejuk'
just thinking bout the new responsible that will be put on me..
i'm scared that i can't be the perfect wife for him..

I love studying,researching and designing things..
Which i don't get the chance right now..
So i already enroll to this program in USM..
Now, i just have to wait and see whether i got it or not..
I reaaaaaaaaaallly hope that i got it..
i need it soooo badly..

then again..
i am still down..
i dont know how to lift up my spirit..
maybe because of the pms..demyu pms!
I cant stop crying..
coz i feel like a loser..
i cant effing finished my job!
i hate it..
i hate that i have to go to work and look at that stuuupiiddd things again..
after 5 time reworking that eeprom..
i haaaaaaaatttttttteeeeeee ittttttttttttttt....
i need a hug..from my mom and sis...wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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lyana said...

kamon sis, tamo sedih2~
buat azam 2010 utk jadi seorang isteri n insyaAllah bakal ibu..~
jgn sedih and be strong ok :)



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